Is It The Destination Or The Journey?

MFI and I have thoroughly debated the answer to this question and have concluded that for us it’s both. We’ve experienced many great destinations, and there have been many enjoyable journeys over the past three years. While admittedly not all destinations and journeys have been great, we believe each has turned out to be what we’ve decided to make of them. We remain excited about what we’re doing, comment constantly on how comfortable Arthur is, and look forward to what the future holds.

We planned two stops before getting to the Black Hills in South Dakota, our next intentional destination. The first was Estevan, SK, “The Energy City,” and the second was Dickinson, North Dakota, “The Western Edge.” We never learned the reason behind Estevan’s slogan, and only presumed the “edge” in Dickinson’s slogan referred to its western position on the Great Plains. Both town’s were small with populations of 10,851 and 25,679, respectively. Our campsites were above average and provided full hookups. Our selection of both was based on driving distance, and following our 2022 RVing criteria, we stayed at each for 3 nights. We found decent breakfast joints and coffee shops in each, and I kept fit hiking local trails. We didn’t play golf at the Estevan RV park but saw some challenging holes as we drove in and out.

We’ve dedicated the rest of this blog to the journey. MFI did the driving, I did the navigating, and I photographed the scenery as we passed by and through. I tried to picture a herd of bison a million strong grazing on these prairies and plains. Here’s what we saw.

Canada’s Grand Prairie

United States’ Great Plains

Foothills to the Rockies

And there you have it. Photo evidence of how interesting and pleasureable the journey can look. Frankly, the only thing, which can detract from enjoying the drive, are poor road conditions. We’ve been surprised by how often we ran across the washboard road surface. You know what we mean: every joint in the pavement reverberates du-duh, du-duh, du-duh, du-duh until your teeth are rattling. MFI even took to announcing bridge overpasses, so that I could secure my iPhone until the porpoising stopped.

Male member of the BunMack team. Happy to be Ms Fix It's lovely assistant on past and future projects. Maybe I'll learn some skills along the way. 69 years old when this adventure began, with expectations to help family and friends with their projects, see great sights along the way, and enjoy our life together.

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